Dead On Liquid Colorant - $3.99 - 5.49

Dead On Liquid Colorant - $3.99 - 5.49

The premiere plastisol for use in making soft plastic lures!

Dead On Plastix is a proprietary plastisol which heats superbly in both microwaves and heating pots, remaining very workable at 315 to 350 degrees, with a very low odor.

This is the most stable plastic you will ever use – low bubbles, outstanding heat stability, and phenomenal clarity with no yellowing – the white color remains white, even after multiple reheats!

No more guessing which plastic you need for which mold - we offer the five different blends noted below, and they can be purchased in either a 4-pack trial size, 1-gallon jug, or a 5-gallon bucket*.

Drop Shot/Finesse Blend -  the softest and most supple of the blends. 

Worm Blend -  a combination of soft/medium, perfect for Senko and trick worm applications.

Swimbait/Jerk Bait Blend - a medium blend with perfect action and hook strength.

Craw/Tube Blend - a medium/hard blend.

Salt water/Hard Blend - the toughest of the five blends.


*While Dead On Plastix does not hard pack, it does require a thorough stirring before use.